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West Hickory Haven
Milford, Michigan in Oakland County

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Contact Information

West Hickory Haven
3310 West Commerce Road
Milford, MI 48380
(Oakland County)
Phone: (248) 685-1400
Fax: (248) 685-9797
E-mail Administrator

peplinski group west hickory haven milfordWest Hickory Haven is a 101 skilled nursing facility located in the rural area of Milford, Michigan in Oakland County. The Facility has been a provider of care in the Milford area for over 50 years.

Quality of life is a top priority at West Hickory Haven. The facility offers physical, occupational and speech therapies focusing on each resident’s independence, mobility and comfort. Residents also enjoy a wide variety of social, spiritual and physical activities daily. Our activities staff provides many activities to all functioning levels of residents.

Due to our compassionate and caring staff we received 98% satisfaction rate in a recent HCAM Family Satisfaction Survey.

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