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North Woods Nursing Center
Farwell, Michigan in Clare County

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Contact Information

North Woods Nursing Center
2532 West Cadillac Drive
Farwell, MI 48622
(Clare County)
Phone: (989) 588-9928
Fax: (989) 588-3005
E-mail Administrator

peplinski group north woods farwellNorth Woods Nursing Center is a 71 bed skilled nursing facility located three miles northwest of Farwell, Michigan on West Cadillac Drive (M-115), just one-half of mile south of US-10 in Clare County. Nestled among 80 acres of wooded property, the grounds include two beautiful courtyards for residents and visitors to enjoy. Deer and other wildlife frequently visit this beautiful site. North Woods is proud to be the facility of choice for many families and residents in the greater Mid-Michigan area.

North Woods provides physical, occupational and speech therapy. Physical therapists will assist in regaining muscle strength and the ability to walk with assisted devices as well as maneuvering a wheel chair if necessary. Occupational therapy will work on activities of daily living by retraining residents to dress, eat and bathe more independently. Speech therapists are available to help residents overcome language disorders or swallowing difficulties.

North Woods' many recreational programs provide opportunities for residents to become involved. The certified recreational therapist along with two-activity assistants work diligently to provide individualized and appropriate plans of care. The diversity includes church services, musical programs, family functions and organized trips outside the facility, just to name a few. Enhancements to the dining program promote a more independent choice of restaurant style meals.

North Woods is extremely proud to be the recipient of the 2008 Calvin H. Monfils Facility of Excellence Award. This award is the highest honor for a facility given out by the Health Care Association of Michigan.

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The Peplinski Group, Inc., 2532 West Cadillac Drive, P.O. Box 579, Farwell, MI  48622 | P: 989.588.3547 | F: 989.588.3261